10 Cheap, Used ATV's Worthy of Your Cash.

Money doesn't grow on trees. But, that doesn't mean you can't save a little cash here and there and pick yourself up a good used machine to dodge the trees. Sure...a brand new ATV is likely going to have more features, ride more comfortably, and likely "wow" your friends. However, that doesn't mean an inexpensive used machine can't hang with a new one on the trails with the right pilot aboard.

After checking out the values at Kelly Blue Book (www.kbb.com) on some of the more popular used machines we see frequently out on the trails we summarized a list of our top picks. To qualify for the list, no ATV with a KBB retail value of more than $3500 was considered and the values were based on model year 2006. Keep in mind that the values are just a guide, and that there there are also plenty of other models out there that make excellent used ATV's.

Suzuki LT-Z400: $2400

Built to take a bite out the market share of Honda's 400EX, the Z400 (along with its Kawasaki and Arctic Cat clones) have great reliability and are fun to ride on the trails. Although not nearly as potent as the factory performance models, the Z400 packs enough performance for those not interested in racing one.ATV Rider

Polaris Scrambler 500: $2700

If you're a Polaris guy, the Scrambler 500 deserves a look. The simple, carbureted 500cc single, solid rear axle sport 4x4 is fun and capable to ride. Polaris sold a ton of Scramblers, so finding a nice example shouldn't be too difficult.ATV Rider

Honda Rubicon 500: $3500

The Rubicon has always had a reputation for stout construction and exceptional reliability. Whether having fun on the trail or being put to work, the Rubicon is a great value and performer.ATV Rider

Kawasaki Prairie 700: $3400

Back before the advent of hot rod 4x4's we all take for granted in 2016, the Kawasaki Prairie set the bar for performance. It's liquid-cooled V-twin powerplant is strong and reliable, while the chassis is made to handle all of that power.ATV Rider

Yamaha Kodiak 450: $3200

Those not needing quite the performance of a big bore 4x4 need look no further than the Kodiak 450. A reliable engine and transmission along with a petite chassis make the Kodiak an excellent choice for hunters negotiating tight trails.ATV RIder

Kawasaki KFX 400: $2400

The KFX 400 is a nearly identical clone to the Suzuki Z400 and the Arctic Cat DVX 400. If green is your color, then this machine is a great, inexpensive trail machine to check out.ATV Rider

Yamaha Grizzly 660: $3600

The year before the Grizzly 700 arrived, Yamaha's Grizzly 660 had already set the stage and left some big shoes to fill. The carbureted 660cc engine, excellent Ultramatic transmission, and the stout chassis make Grizzly 660's an excellent value.ATV Rider

Honda 400EX: $2300

The 400EX makes an excellent trail machine. The simple, air-cooled sport quad is light, agile, and very reliable. There's also tons of these machines available for sale all over the country.ATV Rider

Suzuki King Quad 700: $3500

In 2005 a brand new Suzuki King Quad 700 hit the market. The fuel injected engine and smooth CVT transmission, along with a locking front differential made the King Quad an excellent performer. King Quads have a solid reputation for being sporty and reliable, and they make an excellent used purchase.ATV Rider

Arctic Cat DVX 400: $2200

If you're an Arctic Cat fan, the DVX 400 is a great sport quad, if you can find one. A nearly identical clone to the Suzuki Z400 and Kawasaki KFX 400, you'll get similar performance for a few hundred dollars less than it's cousins.ATV Rider