The 2019 Honda FourTrax Recon Is Here

Take a look at the affordable Honda FourTrax Recon for hunting

So you have secured that vast hunting property and are looking for an affordable way to travel the hills and valleys to your stand. The 2019 Honda FourTrax Recon could be that option if you are looking for budget-friendly, name-brand reliability, and rugged performance. This machine not only comes with Honda’s 250-class engine, but it comes in a lightweight package that is easy to transport as well. The best part is that it comes into the wallet for only a take of $4,199 to start!

Getting those small jobs done is the purpose of this Honda FourTrax Recon. The steel racks carry the load and the optional electric shift just simplifies the day even more.Honda

The smaller footprint of this Honda Recon makes every trip into the woods a mission-possible endeavor. At only 40 inches wide the Recon will get through most trails typically considered only for fat cattle or single-track-capable machines. This machine will also spin around on a dime in only 8.5 feet due to its incredible turning radius. We have all been in situations where this would be a blessing.

Power is established by the 229cc air-cooled and longitudinally mounted OHV mill delivering torque to the ground through the automatic transmission. This five-speed transmission includes a reverse gear and is a direct driveshaft mating to the rear wheels. This system has proven to be more maintenance-free than chain drives and offers more available power to the rear tires. Although the powerplant in this Recon is indeed electric start, there is a recoil pull start for those days when the battery decides it needs a break.

As for the transmission offerings from Honda, here in the Recon category you will find two choices. The first is the foot-shift model that allows riders to mechanically shift from each gear up or down. The semi-automatic clutch system allows this to happen without the use of clutch-lever actuation. It is all handled internally in the engine. The next is the ESP, or Electric Shift Program, that allows riders to change gears via a bar-mounted control center. The simple push of a button, either up arrow or down arrow, allows riders to get to the appropriate gear instantly. This also makes riding the Honda FourTrax Recon much easier for those who are still learning to ride, allowing them to focus on the trail ahead and not the operational mechanics of the machine.

Styling has always been at the forefront of the Honda utility revolution and the FourTrax Recon is no different. This classy-looking rig is offered in both Honda Red and Olive for those who need a choice. The full fenders offer protection for riders from the messy trails but obviously it is up to you to not drown yourself. Front and rear racks also give its owner the ability to haul some gear or feed into the wild woods, with weight limits, of course. The front rack is set for a limit of 33 pounds and the rear is at the 66-pound level. Both steel and ready for work, these racks will be your helping hand in the woods or jobsite.


Utilizing Honda’s five/8-speed transmission and reverse gear to deliver the 229cc power to the ground makes short work of any job.Honda
  • MSRP: $4,199 / $4,449 (ES)
  • 229cc OHV four-stroke engine
  • FIve-speed transmission w/ reverse
  • Electric start
  • Shaft drive
  • Park brake
  • Full floorboards
  • Manual or ESP shifting—depending on model
  • Rugged steel racks—33-pound capacity front, 66-pound capacity rear