The 2019 Honda TRX90X Is Legit For Young Riders

The TRX90X inspires confidence and provides reliability

Getting started in off-road has never been easier, and with Honda’s Sport clutch you can rest assured the focus will be on basic control capabilities instead of shifting this machine.Honda

Finding a way to get your kid outside has never been easier. Honda has built quality machines for most ages for years, and with the launch of its 2019 ATV models comes the highly acclaimed TRX90X youth machine. This model has helped many young aspiring riders to really get a chance to learn to ride before graduating into the larger-displacement machines. With a single-cylinder carbureted engine and a semi-automatic clutchless transmission the learning curve is straightened out just a bit.

Youth riders enjoy the TRX90X because all they need to do is press the electric start to get their ride humming. They will still learn the art of shifting gears on this ATV but for now on the TRX90X they do not have to worry about the hand-foot coordination of pulling in a clutch and then changing gears. This makes riding more exciting more quickly, and that translates to youth who are waiting for the next time to ride. Best of all, the TRX90X is built with colors that are sure to please both girls and boys.

Small yet incredibly reliable, the Honda brand name has started many youth riders’ love for the sport. Parents can also have confidence in knowing this 86cc SOHC engine will be ready to go when their child wants to ride.Honda

Comfort for youth riders is also built into the TRX90X with bump-absorbing front and rear shocks. The rougher trails are made just a tad more rider friendly with dual front shocks and a single rear taming the tough jobs. Of course, the Maxxis tires provide good traction as well.

The 86cc single-overhead-cam four-stroke engine is not only reliable but powerful enough to give any rider years of fun on the trail. For mom and dad there is no need to worry about the young ones getting the machine started without permission as this machine comes with a keyed ignition switch just for that protection.

With features like push-button start, keyed ignition switch, and a semi-automatic transmission the $3,099 price gets even more appealing.Honda
  • MSRP: $3,099
  • 86cc SOHC four-stroke engine
  • Semi-automatic transmission
  • Keyed ignition switch
  • Push-button electric start
  • Bump-absorbing suspension
  • Three color choices: Red, Olive, White