5 Affordable Tie-Downs For Your ATV/UTV

The best way to load your four-wheelers

There is never a shortage of off-road powersports owners who think that they need to pay as little as possible for the security of strong tie-down gear to keep their machine on the trailer. It is never with regret of being cheap, though, when the favorite machine fails to maintain its position on said trailer. So with this in mind, we took a look to the internet to find five good options for the person who would rather rely on their shoestring budget to protect their fine-wine taste of ATV or UTV.

Extreme Max 5900: $13.79

One of the best features for this inexpensive tie-down is the fact that it comes with a two-year replacement warranty. This particular kit comes with two tie-downs in the pack as well and they are rated for up to 1,000 pounds. With the 27-inch stretch or reach and twin loops on the ends, you can actually slip the strap around an axle or A-arm and simply hook the steel heavy-duty hook in the soft tie for easier install. It appears that they come in different widths as well, for additional cost, of course.Amazon

Erickson Black 2-Inch ATV Strap: $12.99

Erickson offers many great tie-down products and here is yet one more. The steel hooks are vinyl coated to protect anything you might connect them to, and with 1,200-pound load capacity and a working load limit of 400 pounds your ATV will most likely stay put. The cam buckle works like most any other and grabs the strap material for a positive grip. This strap is also 2 inches wide, and this in itself gives the owner a little more peace of mind. Note this is priced per strap.Amazon

Heavy-Duty Ratchet Straps Pro, Set Of 4: $14.97

If you are looking for insurance for all four corners of your ATV or SxS, this kit could be a great way to start. The four-pack of ratcheting straps not only gives 1,760 pounds of break strength, but packaged in a hard-plastic container until use, these bad boys will secure your load. The kit also comes with free soft loops as an added bonus. I can almost guarantee you will never get them back in the box once they get used a few times, though.Amazon

Vault Cargo Management Premium Ratchet Tie-Down: $19.97

Now it seems we are straying from our original goal of the cheapest strap options, but it is quite clear this offering is one great buy and under 20 bucks. These straps are premium industrial grade according to their maker and provide rubber-coated S-hooks to protect your cargo from being damaged. This kit comes with a handy bag, and the company offers a 100-percent money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.Amazon

Rhino USA ATV Straps: $24.97

If you think your strap is tough, how about a Rhino Strap that is rated for a 3,328-pound break strength! This has to be the highest rated of our cheap straps, and with the rubber-coated hooks that also incorporate the safety spring-loaded tab on the hook to keep it from slipping out of the D-link on your trailer should the strap get loose. The built-in soft loops give you options on sensitive painted surfaces, and the carry bag means you will have a place to store your straps or lunch on the trail!Amazon