ATV Snow Track Buyer's Guide

When it comes to getting your ATV through deep snow or super marshy terrain, there is no better solution on the planet than a tried and true track system. Getting a functional track on an ATV presents a unique set of challenges, in that the track must fit into a small location while also functioning effectively on a machine that was never intended to turn tracks. A good set of ATV tracks must not only provide exceptional durability, but they must also effectively reduce the gear ratio enough for the stock ATV drivetrain to reliably turn the much heavier tracks.

A few things are worth noting when shopping for ATV tracks. Some kits come with the brackets necessary to mount to your specific ATV included in the price, and some do not. Also, on ATV's that run a CVT, it is worth doing your homework to see whether the track manufacturer recommends a clutch kit for your application. Clutch kits are very inexpensive and they do make a huge difference in performance.

Apache 360 Track System

Apache 360 Track System ( $3799 - Can Am ATV Outlander and Renegade owners aren't left out in the cold when it comes to factory track options. The Apache 360 tracks provide aftermarket capability with factory convenience and durability.ATV Rider

Apache Backcountry Track System

Apache Backcountry Track System ( $5,349.99 – The recently release Backcountry system combines snowmobile technology with Can-Am’s Apache 360 Track System’s trademark execution to deliver the highest ground clearance, the most floatation and the best deep snow performance of any track kit.ATV Rider

Camso ATV T4S

Camso ATV T4S ( Starting at $3999 - With a system designed for all weather conditions, this track system is engineered to work on ATV's with a displacement of 300cc or larger. The T4S also fits nearly every machine on the planet. A two-year limited warranty is standard.ATV Rider

Camso ATV R4S

Camso ATV R4S ( Starting at $2699 - A value priced recreational all-weather track system designed for sportsman, farming, and general recreation.ATV Rider

Kimpex Commander WS4

Kimpex Commander WS4 ( Starting at $3450 - A tubular frame and lightweight design is the basis for Kimpex's newest track offering. The track offers four season capability in a high performance, comfortable track system.ATV Rider

Arctic Cat Tiger Trax2

Arctic Cat Tiger Trax2 ( $3499 - The Tiger Trax2 system is engineered specifically to work with most new Arctic Cat ATV's. High flotation and multi-terrain, four-season performance make these tracks the cat's meow!ATV Rider

Mattracks EZ ATV

Mattracks EZ ATV ( $3395 - Mattracks uses a patented Boa Con-Track-tion™ System that is said to provide greater sprocket engagement that far exceeds any other system in the industry. A patented rubber torsion anti-torque system helps create a smooth ride by working in conjunction with the stock ATV suspension.ATV Rider

Kimpex Commander RS4

Kimpex Commander RS4 ( Starting at $3295 - One of the coolest features of the Kimpex RS4 is the capable of running at up to 85% of the stock speed of the ATV running tires. Superior maneuverability and the ability to handle speed makes this track a favorite with trail riding fanatics.ATV Rider

Polaris Prospector Pro Tracks

Polaris Prospector Pro Tracks ( $3799 - If you own a Polaris ATV and you're in need of a track system, Polaris' Prospector Pro Track should be on the radar. Available directly from dealers, these durable tracks are designed to compliment your new Polaris ATV and give you the confidence to conquer any terrain, despite the season.ATV Rider


TJD X-Gen STS-4 ( Starting at $3299 - One of the most technologically advanced track systems on the market. The design sports smooth ride that is close to the comfort of tires. A 12 month warranty is standard.ATV Rider

TJD Products X Sport

TJD Products X Sport ( Starting at $2995 - The X Sport is the only track system on the market designed specifically for sport ATV's. The rear tracks are XGEN models while the fronts rely on skis to float on the snow.ATV Rider

TJD X-Track

TJD X-Track ( Starting at $3195 - The X-track is designed for deep snow, sand, mud, swamps, and hard ground. Easy installation and a 12 month warranty make the X-track a viable option.ATV Rider