Over the holiday weekend, while most of us will be gathered with friends and family stuffing our faces, drinking a few frosty beverages, and trying not to blow up anything important with a snazzy fireworks display, our law enforcement and military men and women will be working around the clock to help keep us all safe. For years, the ATV and UTV industry has been producing some of the equipment that helps these folks navigate the gnarliest of terrain around the world. While some of the machines are offered directly from the factory, others start as factory machines that are modified by the aftermarket industry. Any way you slice it, these are some of the most badass off-road rigs on the market!

Polaris MRZR-2 & Polaris MRZR-4: (military.polaris.com)

Powered by an 88HP ProStar twin cylinder, the MRZR-2 and MRZR-4 is what you get when you cross a standard RZR with G.I. Joe! The MRZR-2 is capable of hauling two passengers up front, while the MRZR-4 can handle up to four passengers in the cabin area. The MRZR-2 has the option of rear-facing seats, while the MRZR-4 can carry up to two litters to transport injured soldiers over rough terrain.ATV Rider

Polaris Dagor: (military.polaris.com)

Designed for light infantry and special ops forces, the Polaris Dagor is designed to be air dropped into enemy territory. Powered by a turbo diesel engine, it boasts over a 3000 lb. payload capacity and is highly capable off-road. Learn more about the Polaris Dagor HERE.ATV Rider

Polaris Sportsman MV850: (military.polaris.com)

A 77HP twin cylinder, four-wheel independent suspension, electric power steering (EPS), On-Demand True AWD, and 11.75 gallons of fuel capacity give the Polaris MV850 incredible range and off-road prowess.ATV Rider

Polaris MRZR-D4 & Polaris MRZR-D2: (military.polaris.com)

The Polaris MRZR-D4 and MRZR-D2 are essentially clones of the MRZR-2 and MRZR-4, but with triple cylinder turbo diesel engines. With much of the active military iron operating on diesel, these RZR vehicles will run on either diesel or JP8 jet fuel!ATV Rider

Can-Am Commander XT Law Enforcement: (can-am.brp.com):

If your local police department is in need of a UTV, look no further than the Commander XT Law Enforcement Edition. Outstanding off-road capability, emergency lighting and siren, and a tactical black finish make this the perfect UTV available directly from the factory.ATV Rider

Can-Am Outlander L DPS Law Enforcement: (can-am.brp.com)

An inexpensive option for local police municipalities, the Outlander L DPS Law Enforcement includes Dynamic Power Steering, standard emergency lighting and siren, and a matte finish. Learn more about all of the Can-Am Law Enforcement vehicles HERE.ATV Rider

Can-Am Outlander Max XT Law Enforcement: (can-am.brp.com)

Tri-mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS), emergency lighting and sirens, tactical matte black finish, and the ability to carry a passenger make the Outlander Max XT Law Enforcement a fantastic ATV to patrol large locations off the beaten path.ATV Rider

RP Advanced Mobile Systems Can Am Strike-C & Strike-C4 (www.rpadvancedmobilesystems.com)

Based on the Cam Am Commander and Commander Max, the Strike-C and Strike C4 take the Commander platform to a whole new level. Highlights include upgraded suspension, 12 ply run-flat tires, a Fatigue Mitigation seating system, and tactical rear folding seats make this an excellent off-highway capable UTV.ATV Rider

RP Advanced Mobile Systems Can-Am Strike-M & Strike-M4: (www.rpadvancedmobilesystems.com)

Based on the Can-Am Maverick and Maverick Max, the Strike-M and Strike-M4 are touted as Fast Attack Vehicles (FAV). Touted as first-response vehicles, they're equipped with numerous upgrades including beefed-up suspension, 12 ply run-flat tires, and tactical rear folding seats.ATV Rider

RP Advanced Mobile Systems Can-Am Strike-X & Strike-X4: (www.rpadvancedmobilesystems.com)

Crafted from the Can-Am Maverick X3 and Maverick X3 Max, the Strike-X and Strike-X4 offer one of the fastest and smoothest off-road military vehicles on the planet. With up to 24" of suspension travel and a turbocharged triple cylinder Rotax, the Strike-X and Strike-X4 are both highly capable combat proven machines.ATV Rider