Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) All-Time Greatest Machines

The best from BRP, Bombardier, Can Am, Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo, and Evinrude

For those not in the know....BRP, Bombardier, Can Am, Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo, and Evinrude are all synonymous with the same company. Few manufacturers offer products that fit into numerous categories like BRP, and even less offer industry leading performance in nearly every genre of powersports they compete in.

Can-Am Outlander X MR

Outlander X MR: Whether you choose the 650, 850, or 1000cc engine, the X MR Outlander was the first factory-build ATV mud-specific machine of it's kind. Monster Mud tires,Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering, a relocated radiator, and a factory winch are some of the notable niceties.

Can-Am Renegade

Can-Am Renegade: Available in 570, 850, or 1000cc variations, the Renegade gives thrill seekers high performance in a four-wheel drive chassis, capable of negotiating even the harshest terrain.

Sea-Doo RXT 260

Sea-Doo RXT 260: With a supercharged 1500cc engine that produces 260HP, the RXT260 can exceed 65mph with ease. With the ability to haul three passengers and traverse both rough and smooth waters with ease, the RXR 260 is one of the best watercraft to ever come out of the BRP camp.

Bombardier DS650

Bombardier DS650: As strange as the DS650 was, it is still one of the most legit the company has ever built. With victories in Dakar, Baja, and some of the toughest desert races in the world, its tough to argue that the DS650 is nothing short of infamous.

Can-Am Spyder

Can-Am Spyder: When the Spyder was introduced, it took the concept of three wheelers to a whole new direction. Now available in various levels of trim from sporty to luxurious, there's a Spyder for just about anyone willing to ride a backwards three-wheeler.

Can-Am Outlander

Can-Am Outlander: Currently available in 570, 650, 850, and 1000cc variations, and previously also in 500 and 800cc models, the Outlander merges high performance and comfort in a highly capable ATV. Those looking for the latest and greatest shouldn't miss the all-new XT-P model, with Fox Podium shocks, beadlock wheels, and a killer pain job.

Can-Am MX-3

Can-Am MX-3: Producing over 35hp, the 250cc MX-3 was known as the Black Widow...due in part to a small tubular frame and swing arm struggling to handle all of the power. Produced for a single year, it remains one the most sought after collector models in the Can Am stable.

Evinrude ETec G2

Evinrude ETec G2: In various tunes from 200 to 300 horsepower, the G2 is the hottest new engine to hit the water. One of the coolest features is over 400 color combinations for the cowl covers are available to match just about any boat on the planet.

Can-Am Maverick X ds 1000R Turbo

Can-Am Maverick X ds 1000R Turbo: A turbocharged 131HP Rotax V-twin, long-travel Fox 2.5 Podium shocks, and Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering make the Maverick 1000R turbo the fastest BRP currently available to hit the dunes.

Ski-Doo Summit X with T3 Package

Ski-Doo Summit X with T3 Package: A direct injected twin cylinder two-stroke with over 160HP and monster torque makes this machine one of the best mountain sleds every built.