ne of the greatest things that we have in the world of off-road is actually the trails we ride. Finding incredible breathtaking views is only limited by the amount of time we wish to look for them. One of my favorite parts of riding the Hatfield-McCoy trail system is locating these types of places. Back a few months ago I had the opportunity to spend four days in the new Devil Anse system of Hatfield-McCoy trails in West Virginia and I found some very good spots to just breathe in what our creator has built out here to enjoy.

Happening by luck and being observant to a few motorcyclists scrubbing down a very steep cliff-side trail I noticed something interesting. After a few scouting trips around the hills I found myself looking off of a ledge some 150 feet above the trail below. Looking due north over what locals call Big Muncey Hollow you can see the mountaintops in Logan, West Virginia, off in the distance. If you turn around to the right and face east, you’ll be looking into Gilbert, West Virginia. If you look into the sun as it sets, Matewan, West Virginia, is just over the hill about two hours by trail and just under 20–30 minutes by roadway. This hilltop lookout is tricky to get up to but is just off the new Devil Anse system heading into Matewan.

As I mentioned before, there is nothing like sitting on the tailgate of our side-by-side or on our ATVs and watching the sun set over the West Virginia mountains. Be sure to get out and find your own real-life adventure!