CST Abuzz Tire Review


One look at the CST Abuzz and the aggressive tread pattern should clue you in that these tires mean business. So you’ve never heard of CST? Cheng Shin Tire, or CST, is the same company famous for the Maxxis tire brand known all over the world. Don’t believe us? Look closely at your favorite Maxxis tire and you’ll see Cheng Shin printed on it!

With a six-ply rating and an aggressive, deep lug pattern, these tires do a great job of hooking up in all types of terrain. We ran our set through 12 inches of snow, bombed through deep mudholes and pounded rocks like they owed us money. After several hundred miles on the Abuzz, we’re elated to tell you they didn’t suffer any flats, either. It’s rare I make it through a day in my favorite riding spot without a flat. To survive many days in this terrain virtually unscathed is impressive, to say the least.

With an economy that stinks worse than Rosie O’Donnell’s farts, saving a few bucks here and there could very well mean the difference between being able to ride or not. If you need a decent set of tires that will get the job done on a budget, don’t hesitate to try out the CST Abuzz.

Price as tested; 25x8-12 front $94.59 25x10-12 rear, $101.73 CST
+ Stout construction and priced right
- CST name doesn't have the brand recognition or carry the bragging rights of its Maxxis big brother
= An affordable tire with good performance and puncture resistance
Rating: 4/5