Honda’s Big-Bore Rincon Returns In 2019

The biggest Honda ATV makes its 2019 debut

Sharing the woods with friends is a great weekend hobby, and when hunting season comes around the Honda Phantom Camo sets your ride out from the rest.Honda

The Rincon utility ATV by Honda is the biggest-bore ATV in the lineup, and with great features like a 675cc single-cylinder powerplant you will have plenty of power for fun as well as work. Utilizing the independent rear suspension makes this big-bore Honda ATV handle very comfortably on the trail, and with a three-speed automatic transmission you can focus on the terrain ahead. This fuel-injected engine provides smooth, usable power, and with dual spark plugs firing the fuel as well as an exhaust-monitoring O2 sensor taking data, the onboard computer gives this Honda optimal fuel economy with lower emissions. This is further assisted by Honda’s catalytic converter. Friendly to the forest is a core goal here.

Looking a little closer at the three-speed transmission you’ll find state-of-the-art shifting profiles to not only make the transition between gears very smooth but also trouble-free. Eliminating the use of a belt in many cases translates to longer machine life while also lowering the amount of maintenance needed to add years to the use of this machine.

The Rincon is also a great companion for any hunter looking to haul game-harvesting equipment into the deer woods or fields. The twin rack system allows those working times to be a little less labor intensive as the front and rear of the Honda Rincon will carry generous loads to and from the trails. If camo is your vice, then the Honda Phantom Camouflage is the key to unlock that great look at camp. Also offered in the traditional Honda Red, this Rincon is dressed for business either way!

Lastly, if the trail becomes what some would deem impassable, simply slide the bar-mounted TraxLok switch into 4WD and forge on into the next chapter of your own personal adventure. The Honda Rincon TRX680FA is built to give you the satisfaction of knowing that you can conquer most any trails.

2019 Honda FourTrax Rincon

Honda reliability is what the Rincon is all about, and whether you work your machine or simply love off-road adventure, this ATV is a great choice.Honda
  • MSRP: Starting at $9,399
  • 675cc fuel-injected engine
  • Three-speed automatic transmission
  • TraxLok 4WD
  • One-year warranty
  • ESP shift program
  • Dual-plug cylinder head
  • Independent rear suspension
  • Phantom Camo or Honda Red