How To: Polaris RZR XP 1000 Maintenance Schedule

Keep your RZR in the safest, most reliable condition possible

Periodic maintenance will help keep your Polaris RZR XP 10000 UTV in the safest, most reliable condition possible. Inspection, adjustment and lubrication of important components can really extend the overall lifespan of your vehicle as well as insuring that every ride is a success. Were laying out the factory recommended maintenance chart to illustrate what responsibilities RZR ownership really entails and help you keep ahead of the game. We will be following up with the step by step of most all these maintenance procedures.

Obviously vehicles that are subjected to heavy, severe or harsher conditions and use patterns will require more frequent inspection and service. Some examples of severe use are: Racing, or similar high RPM use, Frequent immersion in mud, water, or sand, Prolonged low speed, heavy load operation, Extended idle, Frequent short trips in cold weather where engine does not reach full operating temperature

One of the most important areas to watch during cold weather use is the oil level. Low oil can quickly cause internal failures, but rising oil levels can indicate a problem as well. A rise in oil level during cold weather can indicate contaminants collection in the oil sump or crankcase. Oil must be changed immediately if a rise is noticed, and then monitor level for continued rise and discontinue use and see your dealer if it continues.

Polaris gives both vehicle hours and a calendar schedule to ensure operators don’t over look any steps, but we will just give recommended hour and mile intervals as the digital hour meter/odometer is very easy to use. For hours and mileage use whichever comes first.

How To: Polaris RZR XP 1000 Periodic Maintenance Chart
Item Hours Miles Remarks
Engine oil change (break-in) 25 Hours n/a Break-in oil/filter change 25 hrs.
Front gearcase fluid (break-in) 25 Hours n/a Break-in oil level check
Transmission (main gearcase) 25 Hours n/a Break-in oil level check
Brake pad wear 10 Hours 100 Inspect periodically
Battery 25 Hours 250 Check terminals, clean, test
Engine breather filter 25 Hours 150 Inspect, replace if necessary
Air filter 25 Hours 500 Replace filter/sooner for dusty
General lubrication 50 Hours 500 Lube all fittings, pivots, cables
Throttle pedal 50 Hours 500 Inspect for free movement
Throttle body air intake/ducts 50 Hours 300 Inspect duct for proper sealing
Shift linkage 50 Hours 500 Inspect and adjust
Front Suspension 50 Hours 500 Lubricate
Rear Suspension 50 Hours 500 Lubricate
Cooling system 50 Hours 500 Inspect coolant, pressure test
Engine oil & filter change 50 Hours 1000 Break-in oil at 25 Hrs. then @50
Oil lines, fasteners 50 Hours 1000 Inspect for leaks & loose fittings
Front gearcase fluid 100 Hours 1000 Change with demand drive fluid
Transmission oil 100 Hours 1000 Change main gearcase oil
Fuel system 100 Hours 1000 Check entire system for leaks
Spark plugs 100 Hours 1000 Inspect, replace as needed
Radiator 100 Hours 1000 Inspect, clean external surfaces
Cooling Hoses 100 Hours 1000 Inspect for leaks, chafing
Engine mounts 100 Hours 1000 Inspect
Exhaust muffler/pipe 100 Hours 1000 Inspect
Wiring 100 Hours 1000 Inspect, apply dielectric grease
Clutches ( drive & driven) 100 Hours 1000 Insp., clean, replace worn parts
Drive belt 100 Hours 1000 Insp., clean, replace as needed
Shock Seals 100 Hours 1000 Inspect shock seals
Front wheel bearings 100 Hours 1000 Inspect, replace as needed
Coolant Two years n/a Replace Coolant
Brake fluid 200 Hours 2000 Change fluid every two years
Spark arrestor 200 Hours 2000 Clean out w/solvent
Valve lash 200 Hours 2000 Check, adjust as needed
Spark plugs 500 Hours 5000 Replace, torque to specification
Toe adjustment Inspect periodically, adjust after part replacement
Headlight aim Adjust as needed