Must Have Items For Your ATV Trail Ride

Don't leave home without them

Let's face it, if you're reading this article, you long for a day on the trails just like the handsome fella pecking the keyboard. that fella pounding the keys, the perfect day typically never goes as planned. Rather than let those random annoyances ruin your ride, planning accordingly ahead of time can actually make those unpleasantries fun and totally part of the adventure.

Portable Jump Box

Most modern ATV's and all UTV's are electric start and, unfortunately, nearly none of them have a backup kick or pull start. Since starting them on compression is also nearly impossible, I like to have a backup plan just in case a battery gives up the ghost on an adventure. From $100 to $200, the Mircro-Starts from will fit in most ATV storage compartments or UTV glove boxes. They're also small enough to fit in a back pack or the pocket on a larger jacket. These tiny jump boxes have enough juice to fire up a whole fleet of machines. Additionally, the internal lithium battery can charge your cell phone, or other electronic items, via USB cable.

Personal Chef

Us magazine guys occasionally have the opportunity of being spoiled from time to time. On 99% of my rides, granola bars, beef jerky, trail mix, or other pack and go snacks are what my riding pals and I take. However, on occasion, we get the opportunity to ride into a meal prepared by a real-deal chef that will knock your riding socks off. Eating an amazing dinner in your riding boots is one of the pleasures I hope all our readers one day get the opportunity to experience.

Tire Plug Kit

If you think a flat tire is enough to ruin your day, you better get with the program. Nearly every tire puncture and laceration can be patched with a tire plug kit and a little rubber cement. I ream out the puncture with a beveled tool, lube the puncture site and the plug with a little rubber cement, then drive the plug into the puncture with the provided tool.

TIre Inflator Device

My weapon of choice for inflating tires on the trail is a portable air compressor. After fixing a flat, they make quick work of inflating tires to the appropriate level. UTV's and ATV's with large storage compartments make carrying one of these devices a piece of cake. If your machine or situation doesn't allow a miniature compressor, CO2 cartridges will also work. Although they work much better with dirt bikes and mountain bikes due to the smaller volume of air those tires carry, they will work with an ATV/UTV tire as long as you have enough canisters

Gisele Bundchen

I know what you're thinking....why would you bring a supermodel along on a ride? Now, I'm certainly not shallow enough to suggest we rely on Gisele to just be eye candy. With all of the exposure her famous quarterback husband, Tom Brady, has received lately due to #DeflateGate, I had an epiphany. With Mr. Brady's expertise in PSI, inflation and atmospheric effects on pressure, I'm gambling that some of this knowledge may have rubbed off on his wife. Imagine how popular you'd be with your friends if Gisele was in charge of tire inflation! Even if she's horrible at it, you can always go with Plan B...which is reverting to just staring at her.

Tow Strap

If all else fails, a tow strap could mean the difference between leaving a dead machine stranded on the trail or getting it back to your rig. There are numerous models available, but I often opt for the one that takes up the least amount of space.


Most of us don't have the luxury of riding to a natural hot spring to take a dip, although those locations certainly exist. It's no secret that a day of hard wheeling can be tough on your body. One of the best ways to calm those achy joints and muscles down is to take a nice dip in a jacuzzi after a ride. Be careful though, especially when at higher elevations because the jacuzzi can dehydrate you very quickly.

Cell Phone

I never hit the trail without my cell phone. In addition to providing the ability to call for help in case of an emergency (assuming there is cell service), the phone also gives adventurers the opportunity to document the events of the day by shooting photos or videos. When one of my buddies gets stuck, I'm there to document it. When one of my kids do something cute or funny, I'm there to document it. Those cell phone photos are the gift that keeps on giving and will allow you to look back and reflect on those experiences for a lifetime.

Baby Wipes

Let's face it, if you're into off-roading you're certainly not afraid to get dirty. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think baby wipes would be on my list of riding necessities. That is, however, until I had a couple kids of my own. Baby wipes are not only great for keeping babies clean, they work awesome for wiping faces, goggles, noses, hands, and.....well....other things. Better yet, the shame of carrying baby wipes quickly dissipates after firmly latching onto the concept of always returning home with two socks!


When heading out on the trail, grab a few bottles of water for the trip. This is especially important when it's extremely warm or when riding at high elevations. Dehydration sucks, and unless you're good at recognizing the symptoms, drink water regularly throughout the ride.