$30K in Dirt Bikes and Quads Stolen From North Carolina Dealer

Five Vitacci ATVs were stolen from Nugget’s

The Vitacci Commander was one of the models stolen from Nugget’s Powersports.Vitacci

Nugget’s Powersports, located in Gaston County, North Carolina, recently had more than $30,000 stolen in ATVs and dirt bikes. Three suspects driving a U-Haul stole five ATVs and 12 dirt bikes and were caught on camera wearing hoodies and masks.

The dealership owner says it has never had problems with theft in the past. Gaston County Police believe the suspects either knew the dealership layout well or took time to survey it to know the best route to take. “[I’m] just a little uneasy, just to know somebody had come in somewhere you spend so much time and watch enough to get a routine on you,” the owner told WBTV.

Nugget’s Powersports has increased security on the building, and Gaston County Police have increased patrols in the area.

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