Watch 4WD 24/7 Talk Suspension With an Expert

This video takes a lot of confusion out of figuring out the best suspension setup.

Jocko and Simon from Tough Dog Suspension talk setup.4WD 24/7

The dudes from 4WD 24/7 know more about wheeling than many of us ever will, but sometimes it pays to get the experts in. For this round of viewer questions, the team did just that. They called in Simon Vella from Tough Dog 4WD Suspension, an aftermarket suspension builder from Down Under.

Simon goes over a lot of great stuff here, including how to pick a spring rate for your rig, and the best upgrades to do for your application. Rather than being fully focused on getting the most travel or articulation out of a machine, Simon is focused on the balance between off-road performance and being able to handle the weight loads associated with off-road camping.

Down in Oz the government is a stickler about GVW, and if you add a bunch of camping equipment on a half-ton truck, you’re going to find yourself in trouble if you don’t throw springs and shocks at it to raise its weight rating. There’s a lot to unpack in what Simon says, but the whole video is absolutely worth the watch.

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