New York State Bill Mandates All New OHVs Be EV by 2035

Legislation requires OHVs sold in the state to be zero emission in short order.

2024 Polaris Ranger Kinetic EV.Zach Bowman

New York State has passed a bill that mandates that all off-road vehicles and equipment sold or leased in the state be zero emission by 2035. The provision is part of a larger bill directing all new passenger cars and trucks to meet the same standard by the same deadline. The bill gives medium- and heavy-duty trucks an extra 10 years to comply, and directs the state to form a comprehensive plan to transition to all-electric transportation.

The New York State bill carves out an extra 10 years for heavy- and medium-duty vehicles, but by 2045, even your new pickup will need to be zero emission. New York says 36 percent of the state’s emissions come from the transportation sector, and the bill is an effort to reduce that number. No one’s saying what portion of that belongs to the powersports segment, however.

Is this the end of the world? Not necessarily. While we love our internal combustion side-by-sides and ATVs, Polaris has shown us that an electric alternative can be more than capable. The Ranger Kinetic, pictured above, is a hoss, with more power and torque than the standard Ranger XP 1000. You can check out our video on that machine below.

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