Rosso eQuadx Recalled for Being Too Rad

Kid quad is too fast, has suspension that does not comply with safety standards.

2022 Rosso eQuad XRosso

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that certain Rosso eQuad X children’s ATVs are being recalled for multiple safety infractions. The quads exceed maximum speed limitations and have suspension that does not comply with the commission’s regulations. The government agency also says Rosso imported the machines without a CPSC ATV Action Plan, which includes a number of safety rules.

While we can imagine more than a few children being excited at the notion of a very fast kids’ quad, the reality is that the machines could lead to high-speed crashes.

The recall covers around 2,800 eQuad X 800W and 1000W units sold between June 2019 and April 2021. If you have a Rosso eQuadx in the garage, contact for a refund.

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