Our Favorite Sport Utility 4x4 ATVs

Top 5

The modern sport-utility four-wheel drive ATV market is an amazing category that bridges the gap between modern day 4x4’s and the sport ATV market. As early as a few years ago, the category barely existed. There are a few machines that helped define the whole category with innovative designs that eventually helped the class evolve into its current state. In the future, we’re fairly certain that manufacturers will continue to push the envelope in this “tweener” class with exciting new designs.

Polaris Scrambler

Polaris Scrambler (1995-present): Polaris helped start the sport/utility category with their first Scrambler, a two-stroke, solid axle chain driven 400cc 4x4 back in 1995 and manufactured through 2000. Polaris focused much of their attention in 1997 to releasing a more modern four-stroke, 500cc version on the same Scrambler and sold basically the same machine up until 2012. In 2013 they introduced an all new twin 850cc Scrambler with IRS based upon the all-new Sportsman chassis, and finally followed up in 2014 with the Scrambler 1000.ATV Rider

Yamaha Wolverine

Yamaha Wolverine (1995-2010): Originally release in 1995, the first Yamaha Wolverine featured a 350cc single cylinder four-stroke with a solid rear axle and four wheel drive. In 2005, Yamaha unveiled a totally redesigned Wolverine that sported a 450cc engine. That machine was produced until 2010, and was ultimately discontinued the following year. The Wolverine had a reputation for being fun to ride and ultra-reliable.ATV Rider

Kawasaki Prairie

Kawasaki Prairie 650/700 (2002-2006): The 2002 Prairie 650 was a revolutionary model that brought unprecedented performance to the utility segment. The 650cc V-twin was an immediate hit with sport ATV enthusiasts looking for a fun to ride, four-wheel drive. In 2004, engine displacement was bumped to 700cc, and sold until 2006. In 2007, the Prairie 700 was discontinued and a 650cc version of that machine was sold for a few more years, re-labeled as the Brute Force 650.ATV Rider

Can-Am Renegade

Can-Am Renegade (2007-present): Introduced as a 2007 model, the Renegade was Can Am’s first dip into the Sport/Ute pool. Based on the Outlander platform, the Renegade was an immediate hit with the performance minded GNCC crowd. In 2008, a 500cc was introduced, and in 2012, a fire-breathing 1000cc set the performance bar even higher. The Renegade has won numerous GNCC titles since it’s introduction.ATV Rider

Kymco Maxxer 450i

Kymco Maxxer 450i (2012-present): The Maxxer is without question, the most fun-to-ride ATV in Kymco’s lineup. The fuel-injected 450 in the small chassis is an absolute blast to drive due to the very aggressive clutching. The Maxxer is very much at home on tight, gnarly GNCC-like trails and makes a great option for those looking to get into a machine on a tight budget.ATV Rider