Exit Shocks Can-Am Outlander

Product Review

It’s hard to say that the shock Mike Hallock of Exit Suspension developed for the Can-Am Outlander is merely just a good shock because its abilities and performance enhancements stretch far beyond good. Mike has a great sense for listening to racers, converting their information into usable knowledge and applying that knowledge to create a formidable shock that is second to none. The first set of Exit shocks that he developed and we tested was very good. But the thing is, races are the testing grounds for the everyday rider, and Mike listened to our feedback and tweaked things to perfection. Many companies seem to have lost sight of that, but not Mike. Oftentimes racers get their shocks dialed in to perfection, but after sending them off for a rebuild, the shocks come back well off the mark.

Outlanders have some likeness to sport quads, but in the long run it's a beast of its own. The Outlander cries out for shocks that have a stronger, much heavier shaft to handle its extra weight. Heat build-up causing the shocks to fade is its biggest enemy, so Mike added one of the biggest oil reservoirs he could find. He rounded it out with dual-rate springs that are perfect for providing a stable Outlander at slower and faster paces and through the roughest terrains found along the racetrack. After a series of testing on his new shock, it became very clear this suspension setup was one of the toughest and best in my opinion. The rebound and ease of adjustment make this shock perfect for both the racer and the weekend warrior who is looking to improve overall performance without the worry of rebuilding halfway through a season of racing or every couple of years of riding. If tackling high speeds in rough terrain on your Outlander is important to you, Exit has the right setup. -Shad Lawrence

**Exit shocks: ** www.exitshocks.com _ Price: $1,050 front set; $1,050 rear set_

+ Don't overheat and possess tremendous
performance enhancements.
- Slightly pricey.
= One of, if not the best Outlander shocks
on the market.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Exit Shocks Can Am Outlander