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Product Review

Stock tires are sufficient for a while but often lack performance for a variety of terrains and conditions and puncture easily due to low-cost construction. It's not unusual for me to puncture new stock meats in their first 10 miles, but I surprisingly traversed 100 miles before blowing my Polaris Ranger's right rear. My replacement set needed to possess a higher ply rating for improved durability and a slightly more aggressive lug pattern, all while maintaining a comfortable ride. I chose a newer tire named TrailFinder, which met my requirements perfectly.

The TrailFinder is rated at six-ply and designed for all-terrain use. The tread design includes half-moon-shaped lugs that wrap from center in a curved shape around almost to the edge of the carcass, which acts as a paddle in mud and sand. Filling the gaps between the paddles are block-style lugs that add bite yet, more importantly, help smooth out the ride. Differing-shaped block-style lugs also line the edges for the bite needed to pull through deep ruts.

Once these new meats were mounted I immediately noticed the ride to be a little more rigid and causing a slight bit of power loss due to the additional weight, but that's to be expected with beefier tires. My impression really began improving as I tackled familiar obstacles that have always required the use of four-wheel-drive and, at times, low gear for the Ranger to conquer. The TrailFinders would crawl these obstacles with ease, even without slipping or struggling to grab like the stockers did. After 400 miles, they do not seem to be worn down much and will easily tackle another 400 miles of rough and challenging terrains. -Thad Josey

Discount Tire Direct:
Price: $67 per front tire, $77 per rear tire

**+ ** Improved traction and durability.
- Slight comfort loss, additional weight.
= Excellent tire for all-around utility and
recreational use.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Trailfinder ATV Tires