2013 Polaris Scrambler XP 850 H.O. Long-Term Review Gallery

Images from our year and a half with a used Polaris ATV.

We put a used Scrambler 850 through its paces. Most of which included mud.Spencer Ballot

Our wants and needs put a bull’s-eye on the sport 4x4 segment when it was time to replace our beloved 2007 Kawasaki Brute Force 650 4x4i that we had since new. With power, handling, and fun written across the headlines, we knew the choices were limited to the Can-Am Renegade and Polaris Scrambler. Given our limited budget of just over what the Kawi sold for, we found a “lightly used” 2013 Polaris Scrambler XP 850 H.O. to experience four-wheeling on a machine made for recreational trail riding and little else. Now that the quad is gone and we’ve discussed our thoughts on it, let’s take a look at some of the photo highlights of the Polaris we found ourselves in a love-hate relationship with.

Getting the nose up in the mud and water was a hoot, and helped by the light and floaty ITP Mud Lite tires.Spencer Ballot
The gauge cluster is primitive by modern standards, but did the job.Ross Ballot
Mud, again. Losing battle on this one.Rich Ballot
The relocated EPS control module lived out back in a place we didn’t quite love.Ross Ballot
Lost this fight too.Ross Ballot
And this one.Ross Ballot
Always a good sight at the end of a trail ride.Ross Ballot
Funny how things never look as extreme on camera as they are in real life. Had to be extracted here.Ross Ballot
Not enough ground clearance here to get out, even on 27-inch ITPs.Ross Ballot
Those ITPs are good for absorbing impacts but not great for traction over rocks, roots, and so on.Ross Ballot
Sharp, high fenders look slightly awkward but make visibility excellent.Ross Ballot
The packing inside the muffler had long since disintegrated. It sounded fantastic.Ross Ballot
Look, more mud! The fenders don’t offer great protection.Spencer Ballot
Throwing mud at Lost Trails in Pennsylvania.Spencer Ballot
The Scrambler’s AWD system is great most of the time. We wished for a selectable locking front differential in mud situations.Ross Ballot
Looked good muddy, at least.Ross Ballot
The last shot we took of the Scrambler before we let it go. Gone, but not forgotten.Ross Ballot