2022 Kawasaki KFX50 Photo Gallery

A detailed look at Team Green’s entry-level youth ATV.

A wide track inspires confidence in the corners.Jeff Henson

With our first look and ride review of the 2022 Kawasaki KFX50 completed, it’s time for us to send this small but highly capable sport ATV back to Kawasaki HQ. We’re happy to say it nailed every expectation we could ask of it. It’s an affordable machine that will hold its value and reliability over time. The air-cooled engine and chassis features are easy to maintain. It has a lot of the same features we love about adult-sized sport ATVs like a broad track width, true sport ergos and looks, motocross-style tires, and final chain drive. In short, it’s a fantastic first ATV that presents new riders with an excellent platform to hone new skills as they grow.

We shot a lot of photos of the KFX50, so many we couldn’t squeeze them all into our review. So here’s one last look at the 2022 Kawasaki KFX50 before we say goodbye.

Sporty looks have a lot in common with the former Kawasaki KFX450R full-size sport ATV, right down to a motocross number plate.Kevan Ray
Sport-fueled ergonomics are combined with large floor footwells and an automatic transmission, a great combination for young new riders.Kevan Ray
Sport-inspired features include final chain drive.Kevan Ray
Mechanical drum brakes are teamed with a hydraulic rear disc brake.Kevan Ray
The 2022 Kawasaki KFX50 is an electric-start ATV with a backup kickstarter.Kevan Ray
Parental controls include a tether engine kill switch.Kevan Ray
Steel tubing provides additional protection to the footwells.Kevan Ray
Time to ride already!Jeff Henson
Parental controls include a throttle limiter and a tether engine kill switch to keep mom in control.Jeff Henson
With the throttle limiter disengaged, the 49.5cc engine will sling sand.Jeff Henson
Flashy graphics and a front number plate make the KFX50 very appealing to tomorrow’s motocross stars.Jeff Henson
Excellent ergos promote balance and proper body English.Jeff Henson
A fair amount of ground clearance and preload-adjustable shocks provide a comfortable ride on trails.Jeff Henson
After learning the basic skills, our new test rider is unleashed on a small trail loop.Jeff Henson
Better than a video game!Jeff Henson