BVC Shows Off Its 2021 CRF450R Works Edition Trike

Three-wheelers never looked this good.

2021 CRF450RWE trike built by BVC Trikes.BVC Off-Road

Consider this: For the first time since the mid-1980s new sport trike offerings outnumber sport quads. Looking for a new full-size sport quad? You have two Yamaha choices: The YFZ450R and the Raptor. But on the three-wheeler side, you can get a brand-new trike powered by the mill of your choice, albeit not from a traditional OEM. Thanks to BVC Trikes, though, the three-wheeled ripper of your choice is possible.

A Yoshimura Titanium exhaust system complements the performance and sound of the quick-revving Honda engine.BVC Off-Road

BVC’s bread and butter is building kits that turn dirt bikes into trikes. It’ll either sell you the bits as a DIY kit, or build the trike for you at its new command center in Arizona. BVC machines and builds the kits in-house, right down to the front wheel hub and billet triple clamps. The current conversion kit list includes Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Husqvarna, and Yamaha. Honda CRF kits are available for bikes from 2002 to 2021. Does premix course your veins? No problem. The kits cover two- and four-stroke offerings. And if you’re truly nuts, BVC will sell you a Honda CR500R trike conversion that we can only imagine is as terrifying as it is magnificent.

The BVC airbox provides a direct flow to the EFI air intake.BVC Off-Road

Their latest build started out as a 2021 CRF450WE bike. The conversion kit includes everything needed to transform the bike into a modern trike: triple clamps, front wheel hub and wheel, swingarm, bearing carrier, and axle. This particular kit also includes a superclean airbox design that provides direct flow to the EFI intake. Plastic ATV fenders are trimmed to fit perfectly with the dirt bike shrouds.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to throw a leg over a BVC trike, then you know that the comfort level is arguably better than that of the original Honda ATC. The dirt bike frame is slim and easy to move around on. Footpeg and handlebar placement aren’t near as cramped either. Each custom build from BVC is a flawless work of art.

The BVC swingarm, billet Saw sprocket guard, rear caliper bracket, rotor guard, and axle nut are all created in house.BVC Off-Road

We look forward to the next custom build from BVC. Check out the BVC Off-Road website here for information on other custom builds that include ATVs, UTVs, and custom dirt bike big-wheel kits.