Photo Gallery: 2023 Kawasaki KFX50

Check out more photos of Kawasaki’s new KFX50.

On the trail, Kawasaki’s KFX50 is a straight and predictable tracker.Justin W. Coffey

When it comes to youth ATVs built for the youngest riders, Kawasaki’s KFX50 is tough to beat. For 2023, this sport quad for ages 6 and up got a refreshing new look and some functional features like daytime LED running lights and new footwells with additional boot grip. And check out that old-school handlebar pad.

Between our First Look and Trail Tested reviews of the Kawasaki, we had several photos left over that we just weren’t willing to let go. So we’ve put together this photo gallery with some additional information that wasn’t included in the reviews. Enjoy the images.

The front hood, fenders, LED running lights, and high-traction footwells are new for 2023.Justin W. Coffey
A rear hydraulic disc brake accompanies dual mechanical drum brakes up front.Justin W. Coffey
Excellent ergonomics make the KFX50 all-day comfortable.Justin W. Coffey
The green e-start button comes in handy for cold starts.Justin W. Coffey
Always dress your child with a helmet, eye protection, long sleeves, gloves, long pants, and ankle-high boots at minimum before they ever throw a leg over the seat.Justin W. Coffey
The new cowl hood boasts of a more modern appearance.Justin W. Coffey
LED running lights are new for 2023 and make kids more visible to oncoming trail traffic, even in sunny conditions.Justin W. Coffey
If the electric starter fails, the backup kickstarter should get you back to camp.Justin W. Coffey
As rider skill progresses, the throttle limiter screw can be dialed out for increased acceleration.Justin W. Coffey
Steel tubing beneath the footwells keeps small legs well protected from rocks and roots.Justin W. Coffey
True sport quads come with swingarms and an adjustable shock. The KFX50 has both.Justin W. Coffey
Elbows bent and eyes forward; the KFX50 makes it easy.Justin W. Coffey
A motocrosser in the making.Justin W. Coffey

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