2022 Polaris Sportsman 570 Ride Command Photo Gallery

More images from our Sportsman 570 Ride Command photo shoot at Windrock.

Windrock’s more difficult trails provide the perfect obstacles for testing 4WD ATVs.Zach Bowman

Windrock Park in East Tennessee is one of our favorite locations for ATV testing with its 73,000 acres and more than 300 miles of trails. So naturally, it’s easy to snap too many photos when we conduct our ATV reviews. Rather than letting good images go to waste, we make it a policy to share some of our leftover favorites with our friends—of course we mean you! So here are a few more images from our recent shoot with the 2022 Polaris Sportsman 570 Ride Command Edition.

One of our biggest gripes with today’s ATVs is the continued use of old-school halogen headlights. The Sportsman 570 Ride Command Editions are upgraded with LED lighting everywhere, including accented headlights for greater daytime visibility.Zach Bowman
Off-camber trails are nothing to fear when you have adequate suspension travel.Zach Bowman
Splash protection is excellent thanks to fenders that completely cover front and rear wheels.Zach Bowman
Preload-adjustable shocks and independent suspension begged us to take the rougher trails.Zach Bowman
Ride Command navigation will have you exploring further without the worry of getting lost.Zach Bowman
Suspension travel is plentiful for taming for rocky trails.Zach Bowman
Polaris’ On-Demand AWD is easily engaged on the fly without having to let go of the bars.Zach Bowman
This 500 class ATV is everything but underpowered.Zach Bowman
A bumpy trail is no match for the Sportsman’s soft suspension.Zach Bowman
Windrock has a variety of natural springs that cross the trails in various locations.Zach Bowman
Keeping large rocks at bay is 11.5 inches of ground clearance.Zach Bowman
The 26-inch Duro Power Grips are an excellent puncture-resistant tire choice for a variety of terrain surfaces.Zach Bowman
The 44 hp is more than adequate for rugged uphill climbs.Zach Bowman
The Polaris Sportsman 570 Ride Command package includes a 3,500-pound-capacity synthetic rope winch.Zach Bowman
If mud is your thing, the Sportsman 570 is up to the task.Zach Bowman
The Sportsman 570 is a middleweight ATV with heavyweight attitude.Zach Bowman
All-wheel independent suspension works well over uneven terrain.Zach Bowman
Get some!Zach Bowman

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