Dealing With Broken ATV Axles and CV Shafts

Don’t let the inevitable failure of an axle shaft ruin your next big trip.

Many modern-day ATVs utilize independent suspension on all four corners. That generally means a constant velocity (CV) axle shaft has been engineered into the vehicle to pass power from the differential to the wheel. When they break, you’re generally left stranded if you’re out on the trail. This video from Motorcycle & Powersports News demonstrates why it’s vital to spend a few moments to inspect your CV axles before heading out on a trip. Look for tears, rips, fatigue points, or escaping grease. Those are all sure signs that failure is imminent. Holes in the boot let water and mud into the CV joint, which can quickly wear out the parts.

If you do find yourself on the trail with a broken axle, your best bet is to use the spare you purchased and threw in your rear rack box. Don’t have a spare? Hopefully your ATV can utilize four-wheel drive enough to get you back to the truck. When the worst should happen, and you’re stuck alone on the trail, check to see if you can call out for a tow. If you have to leave the vehicle to hike for help, leave a note of some kind in case someone should roll up on it.

Planning ahead is an important part to enjoy epic trips. Make sure you pass a quick glance at those axles before you fire up your ATV for spring riding.

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