2022 Best in the Desert Parker 250 Preview

ATV and UTV racers line up for the first desert race of the new year.

ATV, ATC, dirt bike, and UTV racers kick off the new year in the Arizona desert.Best in the Desert

The stage is set for a racecourse that promises to be much rougher and more technical than ever before. Racers from all over the country are converging on Arizona’s southern desert for the first desert race of the year: the Best in the Desert Parker 250. Time trials start for UTV and MC classes on Thursday. Registration, contingency, and tech inspection for the main event starts Friday morning, followed by youth class UTV racing in the afternoon. ATV and three-wheeler racing begins at 7 a.m. on Saturday with UTV racing to follow.

Best in the Desert ATV Racing includes three-wheelers.Justin Coffey

ATV Rider will be on hand to cover Saturday’s ATV race, and we are particularly looking forward to watching the three-wheelers. Among the three-wheelers racing will be a modern TPC trike piloted by the team of David Ham, Jeremy Knisley, and Jerad Knisley, and we already have a build article in the works on the TPC trike to come out next week.

Nearly 150 UTVs have pre-registered for the Parker 250.Justin Coffey

With nearly 150 UTVs already signed up at the end of December, side-by-side racing action should be insane. The course is said to be rougher than ever, so survival will be key on a course that will see heavy traffic and a lot of dust in the sunny 70-degree conditions.

Our bags are packed and we’re headed to Parker. Be sure to check back for a race report next week—right here at ATV Rider.