BRP/ Can-Am Mexico Prepared to Resume Manufacturing

Primary Mexican supplier of ATVs and UTVs resuming operations by midweek after fire.

BRP Can-Am.BRP Can-Am

Can-Am’s parent company, BRP, is preparing to resume operations at its Juárez 2 location after a destructive fire ripped through an outdoor storage yard over the weekend.

According to The Canadian Press, BRP Chief Executive Officer José Boisjoli says he doesn’t anticipate any material impact on business from the disruption. They note approximately six days’ worth of production was destroyed in the blaze, but firefighters were able to contain the damage within the outdoor storage yard. No buildings or production equipment were damaged, the company said.

Drone footage from the BRP facility in Juárez City, Mexico, shows UTVs on fire.KVIA-TV

Side-by-side deliveries are expected to be further delayed after the loss of more than 1,000 partially assembled units. Those losses are expected to be covered by insurance, but the setback in manufacturing comes at a time when workers are already strapped by high demand.

We’re told the Juárez 2 plant is planning on resumed operations by Wednesday, July 21.

BRP is also finalizing plans to open an additional production facility in Juárez City later this year. We suspect this will help alleviate some of the supply chain issues Can-Am is currently seeing by the time the 2023 models are released in late 2022.