CFMoto to Work With Cerence on AI for ATVs

The partnership seeks to bring safety and tech to powersports.

CFMoto is partnering with Cerence to bring AI tech to the powersports experience with features like voice-powered navigation, and system controls and diagnostics via voice.CFMoto

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making its way to the world of powersports. The latest crossover comes with news of ATV, side-by-side, and motorcycle manufacturer CFMoto partnering with Cerence to bring controversial AI tech to the powersports experience. Specific details are slim, but the company’s announcement in a report released September 14, 2022, makes it seem like there’s a major breakthrough on the horizon.

According to the report, “As two-wheeler ridership expands worldwide and as consumers turn to ATVs for safe, outdoor fun, CFMoto’s partnership with Cerence will transform the motorcycle and ATV experience, empowering its riders with the information they need —including two-wheeler-centric, voice-powered navigation; system controls and diagnostics via voice; and cloud-based content—in a safe manner while minimizing distractions. Leveraging Cerence Ride, CFMoto will bring an enhanced HMI experience to its two- and four-wheel vehicles, including hybrid embedded and cloud speech recognition, natural language understanding, and text-to-speech in both English and Chinese, creating an intuitive, simple user experience. CFMoto will also leverage Cerence Speech Signal Enhancement, ensuring riders can always be heard, regardless of road noise.”

Wei MaoLin, a research and development minister at CFMoto, said: “The next generation of CFMOTO two-wheelers and ATVs will be smarter and more connected than ever, giving way to an unparalleled rider experience on par with the most intelligent and intuitive automotive experiences on the road today. By teaming up with Cerence, we’ll greatly improve the safety of our riders through voice-powered interaction, keeping their eyes on the road or path ahead and their hands on the handlebars.”

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