The Cake Kibb Electric ATV Is Coming

Semi-autonomous quad designed to limit impact on land while helping farmers.

2025 Cake Kibb electric ATVCake

Cake has made a name for itself by building beautiful, lightweight electric motorcycles. This machine is something different for the Swedish manufacturer. The Cake Kibb is a semi-autonomous electric ATV aimed at reducing farming’s environmental impact while making things easier for farmers at the same time. Cake says the modular design will allow buyers to outfit the Kibb as they see fit, transitioning from seating to a cargo platform. The battery-powered Kibb will also be able to accomplish simple tasks without a rider. Think following a worker at low speed while hauling fence posts.

There’s no word on what sort of range or charging time buyers can expect at this point, but the Cake Kibb is still a few years out. Right now, Cake says we can expect to see the machine in 2025. Before then, the company will work with farmers to figure out exactly what they need from a vehicle like this day in and day out.

The Kibb’s modular design makes it a flexible tool.Cake

Will farmers adopt something like the Kibb? Our experience tells us that smart ag workers quickly adopt tools and tech that make their lives easier, regardless of how it puts power to the ground. We’ll be excited to see what Cake does with the Kibb as the company gets closer to production.

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