Live Out Your 1980s Fantasies With This Toyota-ATC Combo

Here’s a huge dose of nostalgic eye candy courtesy of Bring a Trailer.

The 1980s are calling. Will you answer?Bring a Trailer

This wonderful pairing is now for sale on Bring a Trailer. The three-wheeler portion alone is incredible: a pristine Honda Big Red ATC 200S, equipped with the 192cc four-stroke single paired with a five-speed semi-automatic transmission. It has a CDI ignition, single overhead cam, chain drive, headlight, a taillight, a pull-start rope, and rear storage compartment. Frankly, it might be too good of an example to ride… just kidding. We’d hoon the heck out of it.

Perfectly restored and styled.Bring a Trailer

The truck hauling it isn’t too shabby either. The restored 1985 Toyota SR5 4x4 five-speed has a 2.4-liter 22R-E inline-four that sends power to the back or all four tires when the front manually locking hubs are engaged. There’s a five-speed manual transmission and a dual-range transfer case, and the engine, transmission, brake master cylinder, and brake booster were reportedly serviced earlier this year. The factory paint is gone, replaced with metallic gray paint and sprinkled with fade graphics, chrome bumpers, a spray-on bedliner, SR5 graphics, and mud flaps. Chrome 15-inch wheels and 31 x 10.5-inch BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A K02 tires complete the look.

We’d definitely smile taking this to the local wheeling park.Bring a Trailer

This is the combination that will make the most cynical Gen-Xer among us smile. If you have the money, you can grab these beauties and live out those fantasies. Bidding ends on Sunday, September 4, at 1:35 p.m. and is already up to $35,000 for the pair. Break out those wallets.

Update: This pair sold for $73,000.

Just a little bragging from the seller.Bring a Trailer
Simply pristine.Bring a Trailer
Hasn’t aged a day.Bring a Trailer
Some things never change.Bring a Trailer
We can’t help but wish there was a sound clip in the BaT listing.Bring a Trailer
No passengers allowed, and that’s just fine with us.Bring a Trailer
Cleaner than most machines built this year.Bring a Trailer
So much room for ATC-hauling activities.Bring a Trailer
We can smell this interior just by seeing it. Glorious.Bring a Trailer
The 1980s were really something else.Bring a Trailer
It might not be powerful, but it sure is clean.Bring a Trailer
A well-done refurbishment.Bring a Trailer
The 15-inch chrome wheels look the look.Bring a Trailer
Let your nostalgia flag fly.Bring a Trailer