STOLEN: National Motocross Champion Joel Hetrick’s YFZ450R

Grayson Eller’s ATV also stolen out of enclosed trailer in Amarillo, Texas.

Three-time ATV national motocross champion Joel Hetrick’s stolen YFZ450R.Joel Hetrick

“STOLEN: My YFZ and Grayson Eller’s were stolen last night out of the trailer in Amarillo, Texas. Please repost and keep an eye out if you’re in the area! Phoenix Racing ATV Team

That was the statement left by the three-time ATV national motocross champion on his Facebook fan page yesterday. The thieves broke the lock on the large enclosed trailer and stole both ATVs during a hotel stay in Amarillo.

We haven’t been able to contact Joel Hetrick about the incident, but we assume he was on his way to the highly publicized Huevos Invitational in Nevada, where pro ATV racers from all over the country will be competing for a winner-take-all $10,000 purse.

If you spot the machine (seen in these photos) or have any information about the theft, please notify local authorities and contact Hetrick directly via email:

“History has never been kind to horse thieves.” —Unknown

This is a very high-end race quad sporting No. 88 plates.Joel Hetrick
The ATV was stolen during an overnight hotel stay in Amarillo, Texas.Joel Hetrick
The crime scene.Joel Hetrick
If you have any information on the whereabouts of this ATV, contact authorities and Joel Hetrick directly at Hetrick