Jumping Jack Trailers Make Do-it-all Overlanding Solutions

It’s an ATV hauler and home away from home.

Jumping Jack Trailers makes clever, off-road-capable ways to tow your ATV or UTV.Jumping Jack Trailers

A good trailer is an invaluable tool for ATV and UTV enthusiasts. As the sports continue to proliferate, the options for carrying a machine are expanding as well. And now, with overlanding in mind, Jumping Jack Trailers has designed a do-it-all solution for both getting your ATV or UTV to the trailhead or campsite, and then having a built-in tent from which you can hub your off-road adventures.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Jumping Jack is a trailer company that the brand claims is the one trailer to do it all. The company’s website touts that “Jumping Jack carries all of your gear, provides an extremely comfortable living space, and can be set up and taken down in under five minutes. No other tent trailer can be configured in so many ways as the Jumping Jack line of trailers. Jumping Jacks easily and efficiently haul ATVs, motorcycles, canoes, bicycles, and all your gear in one compact, easy-to-tow package.”

Trailers usually don’t have any party trick, but the Jumping Jack does: Underneath the trailer deck of each trailer lives a tent. When the trailer is parked for the night and the machines are unloaded from atop the surface, the deck pops open to reveal a tent equipped with a table and beds. Multiple sizes are available, from the Explorer 4 x 6-foot single ATV carrier with two beds to the Jumbo 6 x 17-foot unit capable of holding four ATVs atop its tent and which can house up to two double beds. These trailers range in weight from 950 pounds for the Explorer to only 2,200 pounds for the Jumbo model. That’s not too bad given how much these trailers can do. The low weight means they can be pulled behind an ATV or UTV when off-roading for improved camping comfort.

Jumping Jack’s trailers aren’t inexpensive as prices start at $6,995 for the base Explorer model and $13,495 to get in the door with the top-tier model, but these prices do register quite a bit less than many of the other camper trailers or toy haulers out there.