Kawasaki to Ramp Up Production With New Factory in Mexico

New plant aimed at satisfying increased demand for off-road vehicles.

Kawasaki’s Lincoln, Nebraska, plant covers 2.3 million square feet, a portion seen here with a Mule side-by-side enroute to assembly inspection.Kawasaki

Kawasaki off-road vehicles will roll off the assembly line in northeastern Mexico by 2023. The company said the primary goal is to strengthen its off-road production capacities with a new plant built by Kawasaki’s Mexican subsidiary, Kawasaki Motores de México S.A. de C.V. (KMX), located in Monterrey, in the northeastern state of Nuevo León.

Kawasaki’s storied Lincoln, Nebraska, plant is included in this off-road expansion. Kawasaki says it will spend $265 million on expanding its production facilities, and will add 550 jobs.

The assembly line of the Maryville, Missouri, Kawasaki engine production plant.Kawasaki

Beyond the new facilities in Mexico and Nebraska, Kawasaki’s Boonville, Missouri, plant is preparing to transition to general-purpose gasoline engines in 2022. Kawasaki’s Maryville, Missouri, plant will continue to produce the company’s Jet Ski models and general-purpose gasoline engines. The introduction of Kawasaki’s Mexico plant rounds out the number of North American Kawasaki production facilities to four.

“By strengthening its business foundation in the North American market and by organically utilizing the four production facilities, Kawasaki will further enhance the Kawasaki brand, customer satisfaction, and aggressively expand its business,” Kawasaki said.