Segway Snarler ATVs Used to Sweep F1 Track in Saudi Arabia

For the second week in a row, a red flag brings out ATVs for cleanup duty.

Segway Snarler ATVs are used to clean the circuit for the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix.ESPN/Formula 1

Last week we reported that a duo of ATVs were used to clean debris off the Formula 1 circuit in Bahrain after the right side of Esteban Ocon’s Alpine disintegrated. That pair of quads was a BRP Outlander and newer Can-Am Outlander, a fine pair to do work duty. ATV fans got another treat this weekend as a red flag in Practice 1 for the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix saw a triplet of four-wheelers on the track to clean up the mess after Lando Norris ran over a track sign that fell onto the tarmac. And from the keen eye of Executive Editor Jeff Henson, we can tell that these are the elusive Segway Snarler ATVs.

As the second race weekend of the year got underway, a braking marker board fell onto the track around 22 minutes into Practice 1. Daniel Ricciardo had just radioed to his McLaren team to inform the powers that be of the sign looking loose when it landed on the circuit and was struck by his teammate Norris. The cars were undamaged, but it left a mess on the track.

Once again a set of ATVs were dispatched to clean up the debris. This time the machines were three Segway Snarler AT6s with pull-behind sweeping attachments. We only see them for a few moments as they head toward the camera, but it’s clear that these are in fact the brand’s newest offering being used to assist in cleaning the surface. We’re more eager to get our hands on one now than ever, and can’t help but wonder what other machines might be used to help Formula 1 put on the world’s greatest motorsport showing.