Suzuki LT500R Quadzilla/GSX-R1000 Mashup ATV Is Pure Madness

Active aero and 140 hp make for a wild ride.

Ian Ffitch’s “SuperQuad” looks like it’s ready for takeoff.HillClimb Monsters/YouTube

How do you make a Suzuki LT500R Quadzilla even faster? Shove a GSX-R1000 motorcycle engine into it, of course. But what if you want it to handle and stop well enough to be a competitive hill climb racing machine? Drastic measures must be taken to reel in 143 hp, and Ian Ffitch did just that by adding active aerodynamics to his absolutely wild machine.

This Quadzilla’s airplane-style bits are fully functional.HillClimb Monsters/YouTube

Adding power is one thing. We’ve all heard about crazy engine swaps, from Hayabusa powerplants in a Smart car to what we have here. The horsepower-to-weight increase in the case of this specific ATV is rather incredible: An original Quadzilla, at around 51 hp and 400 pounds, rings in at about 7.8 pounds/horsepower. Fitch’s SuperQuad, at around 500 pounds, only has to carry 3.5 pound/horsepower. Mad, mad numbers for a mad, mad machine.

Keeping that kind of speed in check is no simple feat. Ffitch employed serious ingenuity and creativity to make this ATV manageable and quick up the hills it was designed to run. Wings almost as wide as the quad is long adorn both the front and rear to help keep it planted. Better yet, the quad has an active air brake built into the wings. When Ffitch hits the brakes coming into a corner, the wings tilt forward to help slow the machine. It’s something you have to see in action for yourself, so give the video below a view and bask in the glory of one of the wildest ATV builds we’ve ever seen.