Tesla Officially Files Trademark for “Cyberquad” Name

But the way it plans to use the name has us baffled.

The still yet-to-be-released Cybertruck modeling with the Cyberquad loaded in the bed.Tesla Inc.

Tesla Inc. filed for a trademark for the “Cyberquad” name this week. The mystery quad was softly released during the unveiling of the Cybertruck in 2019. It silently rolled out on stage near the end of the event. The rider hopped off, walked over to the bed of the Cybertruck, and deployed a built-in ramp system that allows the Cyberquad to be loaded. Then the rider plugged the quad into the truck to be charged during transportation.

Bold lines accent futuristic electric powersports technology on the Tesla Cyberquad.Tesla Inc.

The latest filing gives us another peek into what Tesla is planning. The documentation notes: “Cyberquad trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of clothing, namely, t-shirts, shirts, jackets; hats; infant wear; footwear; pants.” It has been filed as primary US class 022 and 039 with future intent to use.

On the surface, this means Tesla is claiming the name for itself and plans to use it against branded clothing. Our take is a little more involved. The Cyberquad is electric and virtually no different than a Fisher-Price Power Wheels in the eyes of the US government. Primary US trademark class 022 covers toys and sporting goods. It’s anyone’s guess as to what Tesla will do with its ATV platform but it appears the company could be planning on twisting US rules and regulations, like it typically does, in order to sell its future powersports product outside the scope of normal DOT oversight.