Tesseract’s ATV-Specific Cargo Solutions Are Fairly Ingenious

One-size-fits-all is a thing of the past.

Tesseract is making ATV-specific storage.Tesseract

ATV riders don’t enjoy the same expansive storage as do UTVers. As such, we have to get creative. Sometimes that means a backpack, sometimes it means a waterproof bag bungee-corded to the back rack, and sometimes it means high-end cargo boxes designed specifically for different ATV models. While we usually subscribe to the former, Tesseract has gone the route of tailoring storage to individual ATVs; it’s brilliant.

A good storage solution is hard to come by. We appreciate the built-in units like Polaris has on the Sportsman XP 1000. But not all machines have this luxury, like Polaris’ own Scrambler 850. As such, we’ve used a number of different cargo boxes in the past, from a Rigid toolbox to a Moose unit for dedicated ATV use.

Where Tesseract changes things up is with cargo boxes and jerrycans that are created specifically for each individual vehicle. So if you have a Polaris Scrambler, the company’s products are tailored to that quad. It’s something we wish we had thought of. Tesseract also prides itself on cargo volume, a shockproof housing, a locking top, double-wall construction, water resistance, and gas can compatibility. We hope to test one of these innovative cargo boxes from Tesseract in the near future.

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