‘Between the Arrows’ Video Showcases 2022 Hoosier GNCC Racing

Yamaha’s Walker Fowler leads the charge to the first corner at the Hoosier Round 6.Ken Hill

Watching racing from behind a screen can easily deceive the viewer as to what goes on behind the scenes. This goes for every kind of competitive racing and especially GNCC ATV racing. The brutal nature of cross-country racing brings riders to battle it out over long stretches through changing terrain, and it’s incredible to watch in person as well as online. RacerTV recently put together a video of the 2022 Hoosier GNCC ATV racing in Between the Arrows. Rather than outright racing highlights, the video goes behind the scenes to show less-seen parts of the intense racing that takes place, as well as giving the viewer plentiful clips of the racers discussing the track, events, and so on. It’s an exciting watch and reiterates how difficult GNCC ATV racing really is.

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