Extreme Video of 4x4 ATV Racing in Slovenia

Atv Adventure Vlog documents one of the world’s most brutal ATV races.

Slovenian 4x4 ATV racers take endurocross to a whole new level, and sometimes it hurts.Atv Adventure Vlog

Off-road racing comes in all shapes and sizes. While the ATV community tends to sway toward high-speed racing, there are niches in which people battle for low-speed, technical supremacy. One such competition takes place in Slovenia and is called ATV Trial eXtreme Krško. Thanks to Atv Adventure Vlog, we now have a video showcasing the capability of 4x4 four-wheelers and their riders.

The competition in question isn’t so much of a race as it is the ability to successfully make it through an obstacle course without failure. It’s a competition of riding ability rather than outright speed. Features on the scramble include mud, ruts, rocks, stepped tire climbs, off-camber tests of will and balance, and climbs over and down enormous drainage pipes. The assortment of machines tackling the terrain is varied as well, with Polaris Scramblers and Sportsmans, an array of Can-Am Outlanders (new and old) and Renegades, Kawasaki Brute Forces, and so on.

Most impressive is the level of talent present across the competitors. Some of the challenges look tough on camera, and we know that things are even more difficult in person. And if the course wasn’t difficult enough, the track changes over time due to it wearing down and machines causing mud, rocks, and ruts to move over the duration of the day. There’s a fair amount of carnage in this one, both of the vehicular and bodily kind, so be a bit wary going in. If you’re like us, you’ll immediately start thinking of how you can replicate a competition like this locally. This is one of the most entertaining ATV videos we’ve seen in a long time.

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