Video: ATVMX Pros Final Round at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch

Joel Hetrick wins the 2022 championship and No. 1 plate.

The first corner of Moto No. 2 at the final round of the ATVMX series.RipitupFilms

The checkered flag has dropped and a new champion has risen from another exciting season of the ATVMX National Championship. Congratulations to Joel Hetrick, who didn’t even have to race the final round in order to seal the deal. Hetrick won both motos before claiming the No. 1 championship plate going into 2023.

Huge congrats also go out to Chad Wienen, who at 37 years of age gave Hetrick a run for the money at every round. The entire pro class made the 2022 season one to remember.

RipitupFilms put together this excellent video of the final round at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. It includes qualifying, rounds one and two, and a whole lot of clowning and commentary from the racers themselves.

ATVMX Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, Round 10 Results

Place Name Brand Moto 1 Moto 2 Final Points
1 Joel Hetrick, #88 Yamaha 1st 1st 50
2 Chad Wienen, #1 Yamaha 2nd 2nd 44
3 Bryce Ford, #4 Yamaha 3rd 3rd 40
4 Nicholas Gennusa, #15 Yamaha 6th 4th 33
5 Brandon Hoag, #26 Honda 5th 6th 31
6 Logan Stanfield, #55 Yamaha 7th 8th 27
7 Max Lindquist, #2 Yamaha 4th 12th 27
8 Cody Ford, #5 Honda 8th 9th 25
9 Jeffrey Rastrelli, #28 Yamaha 14th 5th 23
10 Zack Decker, #23 Yamaha 12th 7th 23
11 Patrick Turrini, #51 Yamaha 9th 10th 23
12 Vincent Mirman, #535 Honda 11th 11th 20
13 Cesar Jimenez, #101 Honda 10th 13th 19
14 Zack Harris, #22 Yamaha 13th 14th 15

We can’t wait for the start of the 2023 season!

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