Who Says Sport Quads Are Dead?

RacerTV presents 2022 highlight video from Sunset Ridge ATVMX Round 6.

Joel Hetrick still leads the 2022 point race by 26.Ken Hill/Brandon Pierce

RacerTV just released yet another spectacular racing video highlighting the nation’s fastest ATV motocross racers. Round 6 of the ATVMX series is in the books as Chad Wienen makes it two in a row, closing the point gap by 26 on current point leader Joel Hetrick.

Chad Wienen claimed his second win of the series at Sunset Ridge.Ken Hill/Brandon Pierce

To those who say sport quads are dead, you couldn’t be more wrong. ATV racing is alive and well in the United States with Yamaha’s YFZ450R dominating the Pro ATVMX roster. With four rounds left in the series, can Wienen reel in Hetrick? We’ll have to wait and see, but we’re fortunate to have our friends at RacerTV bringing us all of the excitement and action from the National ATVMX series.

ATVMX Sunset Ridge Round 6 Results

Place Name Brand Moto 1 Moto 2
1 Chad Wienen, #1 Yamaha 2nd 1st
2 Joel Hetrick, #88 Yamaha 1st 2nd
3 Brandon Hoag, #26 Honda 3rd 3rd
4 Nicholas Gennusa, #15 Honda 6th 4th
5 Jeffrey Rastrelli, #28 Yamaha 4th 6th
6 Max Lindquist, #2 Yamaha 7th 5th
7 Logan Stanfield, #55 Yamaha 8th 7th
8 Westley Wolfe, #741 Honda 9th 8th
9 Cody Ford, #5 Yamaha 10th 9th
10 Bryce Ford, #4 Yamaha 5th 15th
11 Patrick Turrini, #51 Yamaha 12th 10th
12 Michael Allred, #8 Yamaha 11th 11th
13 Zack Decker, #23 Yamaha 14th 12th
14 Vincent Mirman, #535 Honda 13th 13th
15 Cesar Jimenez, #101 Honda 15th 14th

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