Video: WORCS’ ATV Dirt Diaries From Preston, Idaho

This race and video are “#corntastic!”

WORCS takes to the cornfields in the latest ATV Dirt Diaries installment.WORCS/YouTube

WORCS continues to bring the fun with its ATV Dirt Diaries video series. The latest installment brings us Preston, Idaho, where the riding is as fantastic as ever, as is the video. WORCS puts on quite the show, though this race and video are a bit corny. Ignore that dad joke and check out the video to understand what we mean.

When’s the last time you saw an ATV racing through a cornfield? It’s a special sight and evokes Field of Dreams visions the first time you lay eyes on it, or Signs if you subscribe more to the paranormal side of “things being out of place.” The track in Preston is truly special, with traditional high-flying jumps and berms like any good stadium, but with a twist of the circuit running through a farm. Instead of trees or open fields along the track, there are high walls of corn. At least if you go off, you can find something to have with dinner.

The ATV Dirt Diaries docuseries continues to impress in the seventh episode of its first season, this time highlighting one of the most unique races to be found anywhere in the world. Congratulations are in order to Travis Damon for his first career Pro ATV win, and with Beau Baron and Logan Huff grabbing second and third, respectively.