Video Race Coverage of WORCS Round 1

Pro and amateur racing action from Primm, Nevada.

The pro line at WORCS Round 1 was one of the gnarliest obstacles we’ve seen at a WORCS race to date.Jeff Henson

For West Coast ATV racers, WORCS has a little bit of everything. Racecourses typically start with a spectator-friendly motocross track, throw in a few EnduroCross-style obstacles, and then add several miles of natural terrain to the mix. And if you’re a pro racer, WORCS throws everything and the kitchen sink at you. Take this year’s rock wall pro line, which required pro and pro-am racers to navigate a downhill boulder section with rocks the size of said kitchen sink. Gnarly! It’s an exciting show for racers and fans alike. WORCS caught all of the pro and amateur highlights on video.

This first video, titled WORCS ATV Diaries S1 E1, is packed with all of the pro racing highlights from the first round of 2022. Photos just don’t do the pro line rock wall justice, but this video comes very close. Watch it and you’ll get to know some of the top WORCS pros, including veteran ATV, UTV, and dirt bike racer Beau Baron, who’s still dominating racetracks in his 40s. Could Baron be looking forward to his 10th WORCS ATV championship? Round 1 showed that Baron still has what it takes, but Roberto Villalobos and Travis Damon are doing their best to make him earn it.

If you’re considering entering your first race but don’t know what to expect, the below video of amateur and youth racing action will give you a good idea of what WORCS racing is all about. Beginner, amateur, and expert-level racers don’t have to deal with those nasty rock walls, but there are plenty of challenges and obstacles to keep them focused. Male, female, young, old, beginner, or expert, WORCS has a class for everyone. Is it safe, you ask? Well, it is an extreme sport, but everyone is going the same direction on the same trail, so there’s that.

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