WORCS Round 3 Amateur Racing Video From MotoEffeX

Amateur racing action from Lake Havasu, Arizona.

Dakota Hibler takes the holeshot and eventual win in the Women’s A class at WORCS Round 3 in Lake Havasu, Arizona.WORCS

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—why haven’t we seen more new pure sport quads at dealerships? Using the current ATV racing scene as a measuring tool, demand is certainly there. The West Coast amateur ATV racing scene is currently growing by leaps and bounds. Race entries continue to expand, especially in youth and women’s amateur classes.

It’s the amateur racing scene that continues to drive growth as today’s four-wheeled young guns will eventually become tomorrow’s pro quad racers. But it’s not just the youngins that are looking for a win. Race promoters such as WORCS have seen new growth in the senior classes. What once was a lone 50-plus age group class has now split into three classes for varying skill levels: expert, novice, and beginner. WORCS women’s classes have also grown to include a Women’s Pro class. WORCS is also one of the first race promoters to revive the ATC racing scene on the West Coast. Needless to say, it’s an exciting time to be an ATV and ATC racer.

Amateur racers deserve more exposure as they will be a main force behind the return of the pure sport ATV, so shame on the ATV media outlets, ATV Rider included, for not giving them more media time. Moving forward, that’s all going to have to change.

WORCS knows the value of the amateur racer, and that’s why it has the creative folks at MotoEffeX put together numerous videos that include pro and amateur racing from every WORCS event. Check out this latest WORCS amateur racing video from WORCS Round 3 at Lake Havasu, Arizona.

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