Video: Pro Racing From WORCS Round 4

Watch high-flying, log-jumping, supersonic action from the West Coast pros.

Get your big-air sport quad fix with the latest WORCS racing video from MotoEffeX.Harlen Foley

MotoEffeX has done it again with this video of last weekend’s high-impact WORCS quad racing at California’s Honolulu Hills Raceway. We just posted our race report, now check out the action firsthand from the West Coast’s best cross-country quad racers. Round 4 of the 2022 WORCS series presented competitors with one of the fastest tracks so far this season, jammed with two-story-tall banked turns, massive jumps and a skid plate-destroying log section. This track demanded focus as a single error could easily put a racer two or more positions behind; making up time from mistakes was virtually impossible.

But don’t take our word for it. See it all right here.

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