ATV Tek Elite Series Adjustable Hitch

An inexpensive, safe option for towing your ATV.

The ATV Tek Elite Series adjustable hitch.ATV Tek

Our ATVs are do-it-all machines. One weekend we may point the headlights at a far-flung trail. The next, we may head out for some hunting in the hills. In between, we spend plenty of time getting chores done around the property. More often than not, that means moving trailers or equipment from one place to the next, a task that’s made easier by an adjustable hitch, which allows you to easily move the ball up or down in seconds. Unfortunately, most of those are designed for full-size pickup trucks and are priced accordingly. ATV Tek felt our pain, and recently came up with a solution. The company’s Elite Series adjustable hitch is made for ATV and UTV use, and at $78.29, it won’t break the bank.

The hitch features a welded 2-inch ball and an integrated tow hook. There’s also a clevis pin hitch for small yard trailers. More importantly, it has 3.5 inches of rise and up to 3.5 inches of vertical adjustment, which should help keep your trailer level as you move it around the farm.

ATV Tek makes five versions of the hitch, from a standard 2-inch receiver to a bolt-on and everything in between, which means you should be able to find a solution for your rig. Check out the video below and head over to the ATV Tek site for more information.