Kawasaki Releases New Line of Performance Oils

KPO lineup includes new full and semi-synthetic oils for ATV and UTV use.

New Kawasaki performance oils include synthetic and semi-synthetic for ATV and UTV use.Kawasaki

Kawasaki just released information on it’s new line of Kawasaki Performance Oils (KPO) for ATV, UTV, motorcycle, and watercraft use. These include a new full synthetic and semi-synthetic oil specifically designed for ATV/UTV use.

All-new KPO full synthetic 5w-40 ATV/UTV four-stroke engine oil.Kawasaki

According to Kawasaki, the full synthetic KPO four-stroke 5w-40 engine oil has been extensively tested in ATV and UTV engines and transmissions in high load, high heat, and extreme cold conditions, and can even be used for diesel applications. The full synthetic oil provides maximum engine lubrication over a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions with gains in performance and engine durability. In a media press release, Kawasaki claims the new synthetic oil “delivers superior performance and engine durability, including excellent bearing wear protection. In addition to improved engine cleanliness and reduced oil volatility, it demonstrates excellent viscosity stability, corrosion resistance, and oxidation control characteristics that are ideal for harsh operating environments required for protection in newer engines.” Suggested MSRP is $10.95 per quart.

All-new KPO semi-synthetic 10w-40 ATV/UTV four-stroke engine oil.Kawasaki

The new semi-synthetic 10w-40 oil is formulated to provide maximum engine lubrication over a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions. Like the full synthetic, it can also be used in gasoline and diesel applications, like the Kawasaki Mule Pro-DX and Pro-DXT diesels. Kawasaki claims the semi-synthetic formula adds advanced wear protection for higher performance and extended engine life. It has excellent acid neutralization and oxidation control characteristics required for protection in newer engines while improving performance in older engines. KPO semi-synthetic oil for ATVs and UTVs will be available in one-quart bottles for $9.95, or a gallon for $35.95.

The new KPO line of oils can be found at dealerships beginning in early February 2022. For more information on KPO oils, visit Kawasaki online or see your local Kawasaki dealer.

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