LiteStix Rechargeable Work Light

Brilliant dependable lighting wherever you need it.

LiteStix lithium rechargeable work light comes with 36 superbright LED lights.Bendpak

When camping with ATVs, it seems like we’re always fixing things or performing maintenance on our machines just as the sun begins to drop behind the horizon. Nothing is less fun than trying to work with a dim flashlight tucked under your chin or using one of those goofy headgear lights to try and put parts back together. Tools and small components drop into the sand, never to be seen again—it’s so frustrating. Working on an ATV or any vehicle in the dark usually results in a barrage of four-letter words and thrown wrenches. It’s definitely not the way we like to spend a fun weekend outing.

An all steel telescoping light tube and magnetic rotating handles make for a quick setup.BendPak

BendPak has a bright idea that makes working in dark and remote areas a more pleasurable experience—LiteStix. This portable work light turns darkness into daylight with 36 LED bulbs in a steel impact-resistant telescoping tube that can stretch from 49.5 inches to 79.75 inches in length. LiteStix includes a 4,000 mAh lithium-ion battery that provides bright lighting for up to 4.5 hours at the maximum 1,200-lumen setting, or up to six hours at 650 lumens. Charging time is approximately three hours. The grips on each end of the tube have recessed hooks and swivel head mounts with built-in magnets to adapt to any situation, including attaching it to the bottom of your truck’s hood.

LiteStix is a great Christmas gift idea that is in stock now; the $115 cost includes shipping to the contiguous states.

For more information visit BendPak LiteStix online.