ProTaper Announces Carbon Fiber ACF Handlebars

Unidirectional carbon makes the unit twice as strong as traditional weave.

ProTaper’s ACF handlebars bring carbon fiber to the game.ProTaper

ProTaper, one of the best-known and most reputable brands for ATV handlebars, has launched a new product for MX and sport ATVs. Dubbed ACF handlebars, the new parts are unique in being constructed of a unidirectional carbon fiber composition which doubles the unit’s strength versus a traditional carbon fiber fabric-style weave. With this new carbon core system wrapped around 7000-series aluminum tubing, the ACF handlebars are both light and strong.

ProTaper’s website proudly states: “These densely concentrated fibers provide unidirectional carbon fiber with maximum longitudinal tensile strength—typically twice that of a traditional carbon fiber weave. The added strength allows the aluminum tubing wall thickness to be safely reduced in key areas, greatly decreasing weight and producing unrivaled impact-absorbing flex.” More strength and less mass only improves speed, resistance to breakage, and in turn makes for even better riding.

What makes the new ACF so strong is the way it’s made. ProTaper states that whereas traditional carbon fiber weave is woven, the unidirectional fibers in the ACF handlebars are unwoven so that the fibers are laid in a parallel manner, all running the same direction. This makes for no gap between the fibers which in turn helps create “maximum longitudinal tensile strength—typically twice that of a traditional carbon fiber weave.”

ProTaper’s ACF handlebar is the lightest 1-1/8-inch diameter motocross handlebar and up to 20 percent lighter than normal-style bar, and ProTaper’s Control+ design adds room for extra controls. The ACF handlebars are available now for $139.99 per set in your choice of CR High, Carmichael, Henry/Reed, or SX Race bend styles.