Titan Ramps Raised ATV Rack Makes Space in Your Truck

More space and the ability to close the tailgate with a quad in the bed.

Titan Ramps helps you fit your ATV in the bed of your truck.Titan Ramps

Putting an ATV in the bed of your truck makes transporting a quad easy, but loading today’s bigger-than-ever ATVs often means riding around with your tailgate down. Titan Ramps came up with a solution to that problem in the form of the Raised ATV Rack, which doubles as a tool for making more space for gear inside of your pickup bed.

It’s a simple system consisting of metal ramps and a perch for an ATV’s front tires, which puts the back tires farther into the bed. This not only makes closing the tailgate a possibility for cases when the quad is otherwise too long to do so, but also increases the space underneath the perch, giving you extra storage. The whole getup weighs 80 pounds and is mounted to the bed with hardware included in the $349.99 MSRP.

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